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Earthquake Preparedness and Survival




Earthquakes are unpredictable and are often times associated with a tsunami threat 
that can cost thousands of lives. 

After the initial impact there are several aftereffects that also cause a threat of great destruction. 
The regions that are more prone to have earthquake or volcano activity are the San Andreas 
fault in California and also the Ring of Fire that stretches across 15 more countries. 
A great example was the Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011 with a magnitude of 9.0 undersea 
in the Pacific Ocean. This in turn triggered a giant Tsunami that caused major structural damage 
to a whole community. It also resulted in a nuclear disaster that rendered a large area uninhabitable. 
It greatly polluted our oceans and killed a multitude of sea life. 

Taking these necessary steps ahead of time increases your chances of survival:

-Get outside if possible.

-Secure heavy items that can fall on you.

-Do not get close to any light fixtures and windows.

-Have a plan of communication if disaster strikes.

-Have disaster supplies located near you.

-Drop, cover, and hold on when an earthquake hits.

-Protect your head and neck by holding it in place.

-One of the best shelters is a heavy desk.

-Evacuate and attend to any injuries.

Remember, being prepared and having insurance is vital and will take the stress and worry out of your 
daily life! Even though earthquakes might not be as common as tornadoes and certain other

natural disasters, they can be quite costly. Appropriate preparations are the key to survival!

by Caroleena Blass