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Hurricane Preparedness Checklist


A natural disaster like a hurricane can cause great damage and
can threaten your life and your possessions. Severe flooding can
also be caused by strong winds. It is advisable to have a hurricane
safety plan in place.

Recommendations of what to do:

- Be informed and listen to the National weather Service.
- Close doors and windows. Should you do not have hurricane shutters,
  use plywood to protect any openings.

- Heavy duty masking tape won't prevent windows from breaking but might cut down on shattered glass.
- Collect your outdoors belongings and bring inside if possible.
- Charge up your cell phones and laptops in advance.
- Make sure your gas tank is filled up.
- Stock up on disaster supplies.
- Have an evacuation plan in place.
- Stay away from flooded roads and bridges.
- Get additional insurance that covers damage from hurricanes.
- Keep extra coolers with ice and extra ice packs in your freezer, freezing bottled water would work.
- Keep your freezer and fridge closed in case you lose power.
- Take cover and seek protection in an interior room without windows.

- If you think there could be flooding be prepared with sandbags.
- Seek the highest point in the building if you see the water levels rise.
- Share your evacuation plan with your loved ones.

Additional Helpful Supplies:

See the Basic Emergency Supply Checklist 

Recommendation of what to do after the storm:

- Stay tuned in to your local news.
- Do not drive near flooded roads and bridges.
- Stay away from water damaged areas that developed mold.
- Watch out for hanging down power lines and let your power company know.
- Take pictures of the damage to be reimbursed by insurance.
- Do not drink possible contaminated water.
- Do not eat spoiled food.
- Do not touch anything electrical to avoid being shocked.
- Be careful around floating objects.
- Take good care of your animals.

by Caroleena Blass