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Tornado Safety Precautions



Even though a tornado is a natural event, it can turn into a deadly storm. Its spinning vortex of air is the result of cold meeting warm air. Occasionally, there is not enough time to realize that a tornado has formed or you do not see the warning signs quick enough. However, some of the warning signs are a roaring noise similar to a freight train, funnel clouds, large hail, or an approaching cloud of debris. Getting to a safe place is crucial for survival!

Stay informed by listening to the local weather forecast, smart phones, and sometimes outdoor sirens which help you to be prepared. Try to map out in your mind how to stay safe during an emergency.

In case of a tornado threat, it is important to go to the lowest floor in your home like the basement, an inner hallway, an interior room or a closet without windows. Focus on the middle of a room since corners like to attract debris. Flying debris is considered the most dangerous. Wearing a bicycle helmet would be a good source of protection.

 Keep in mind that mobile homes are not safe neither are cars. If you should be riding in a car, try to get out and distance yourself from your car as quickly as possible. Find a ditch, lay down flat and protect your head. Get to a sturdy building as soon as you can.

Be alert and help others to get to a safe place. Be familiar with how to administer basic first aid.

Take the worries out of your life by being prepared especially if you live in an area that has a lot of tornado activity. 

Having insurance is recommended!

by Caroleena Blass