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Winter Storm and Severe Cold Preparedness Checklist


Winter storms can be extremely dangerous and being prepared can make all the difference between
death and survival.

A winter storm warning makes your community aware of possible upcoming danger. It is important to plan ahead and find a safe place away from the extreme cold and icy conditions that might endanger your life.

Before the storm:

- Be on the lookout for power outages that are a  
  common occurrence during a winter storm.
- Listen to the weather report.
- Dress according to the winter weather.
- It is best not to travel. Streets turn icy quickly.
- Be informed about your friends and neighbors close by and offer assistance when needed. 
- Having a generator would be helpful, in case the power goes out.
- Fuel up your car.
- Store fuel to use for heat.
- Have your winter gear in your car.
The upcoming winter survival supply list suggests some items that might be helpful
to prepare ahead of time for basic emergency supplies:


 See Basic Emergency Supply Checklist 


During the storm:


- Listen to the NOAA Weather Radio.
- Stay inside and avoid going outside as much as possible. Dress warm and be on guard for 
  hypothermia and frostbites. Dress in layers. Clothes should not be too tight.
- Limit any kind of overexertion to prevent the likelihood of a heart attack.
- Generators are very helpful but should be used outdoors due the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
- Block cold air with towels from coming inside. 
- Faucets need to drip to not get pipes frozen.

by Caroleena Blass